I am so mad right now. Just to let you know, I work as a Customer Service Representative.I take in calls and have to deal with irate American callers who think they know what they are doing though they don’t.

No, I am not racist, it’s just that that’s the truth and I just have to say it.

Before I ended my shift today, I had a call from a lady who wanted to make a payment for her account. She was shouting at the onset of the call, which pissed me off. The reason why she was so mad is because she wants me not to read the disclosure.

Look, I spent a month memorizing that disclosure. And it is mandated by law that we cannot push through with the payment without reading it. She’s stupid because the disclosure is actually placed there for her. I’d love to not read it in all my calls, but the thing is that is not an option.

The disclosure verifies all the information that she would need for the payment – accounts numbers and such. So she MUST listen to it, or at least let me do my job.

I hate how they do not want to spend time listening to disclosures which takes about two minutes but when they get inconvenienced, they spend some good 30 mins shouting at you and telling you, “WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME THIS?”. They put all the blame on you. What the. So stupid, really. I wish I could say, “that’s what you get for being a bitch.” But I can’t.

So I end my calls with “I hope you have a great day.” And I hope this be your last.

Disclaimer: I don’t think I mean my last statement. I’m angry, let me be.

Last night, I went to a company party. It was fun except that it it actually led me to not trust in men even more.

Believe me, I tried not to generalize. However, every time I meet someone who I think is a good guy, he ends up being a jerk. No, I don’t like this guy, so no prejudice here, just plain honesty.

So this guy is married for 10 years now; with three kids and is one of our company leaders. We went out last night together with my colleagues after the programme and had a few drinks. Okay, not a few, quite a lot of them.

I have a friend who dances really well. Actually there were two of them. And they danced with him. He was quite drunk even though he denied it. But it was obvious that the girls were just having fun; while he was hugging them TOO tight. I say “too” because to hug is okay if you are having fun and being crazy, but too much of it is wrong.

The girls were trying to be okay with it, I guess; pushing him away when they thought he was going overboard. I do not want to elaborate anymore, it irritates me to recall.

However, when we were about to go home, the guy told one of the girls this: “Pretend I’m someone else. Do you want to meet up somewhere else?”

For the record, the girl did not agree. He told him that she does not want that and that he should just go home.

And that is why I was disappointed last night. I mean, the guy knew that the girl still had a boyfriend, that they were just having some misunderstanding but they never really broke up. More than that, he is married. How could he bare the thought of hooking up with someone else?

It’s just so sad that these things happen. Again, I do not want to generalize but that’s just how I see men right now. They are cool and all, but there is always a jerk in them.

If you are a guy reading this, I’m sorry if I offend you, but I’m open to the idea of you proving me wrong.

Why did I make this blog? First of all, I am in the office and all my other blogs are down. So I decided why not make a secret one in WordPress. So that’s why.

I’d really like to write about this sadness that I feel. I do not want to spoil anyone’s good day, okay? I’d like to start with a good opening line, but I guess it is too late for that since I am already in the second paragraph.

About three hours ago there was an earthquake here but I do not want to write about that, since it doesn’t really matter anymore. That made me sad, but not totally. I think I must go straight to the point now.

I think the reason I am sad today is because I’m in love with somebody. I think it’s wrong to be in love with someone from the same sex but that is the way it is. And we have been on and off for 6 years. No, she isn’t the only one I have loved since then, but I lover her now.

Then there is this other girl. She’s in love with her too. Yes, a lot of girls involved here. She loves me, and her too. Talk about complicated relationship.

I have not talked about Janine for about a month when she started texting me again 19 days ago. She told me she chose me over her and that she should start anew. The heck I was so happy. But then after a few days, we started talking less and I felt it we were having a u-turn to the broken road we were in before.

I talked to her about it. And she said that she’d rather that we part ways AGAIN than hurt me more. Bullshit, right? I believe that’s the safe side. If you love somebody, you should fight for her. But no.

Then a while ago, she missent a text to me. She was texting the other girl and telling her to take care. She said “I love you so much”. Bullshit. I’m sorry for the foul language.

I then texted her and told her not to talk to me ever again. She told me she loves me and that she’s so sorry.

I’m said. I know I deserve better. I know there is someone out there for me, but now I am in love with this person who keeps on hurting me.

I’m sad. I am so sad.

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